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2020 Pre-Built Dropshipping Store + Ads

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What is included with our Stores?

  • 7-10 Winning Products ($100 Value)

  • Custom Reviews to increase your conversions ($45 Value)

  • Ad Thumbnails ($250 Value)

  • Ready to Go Video Ads ($500 Value)

  • Ad copies for every product($100 Value)

  • 1-2 Possible Ad Sets for every Product ($200 Value)

  • Competition Ads/Store for every Product ($75 Value)

  • We deliver your store within 24Hrs(Priority Delivery)

  • Create your own brand

  • We connect your store with suppliers

  • We load your store full of winning products products

  • Access to future niche products + all ad content updates

  • No design or coding skills needed

Popular Upgradesto add :

Platinum Package for only $79 (73% OFF):
✔️ 5-10 Additional Products for your Niche 
✔️ Video Ads 
✔️ Custom Descriptions 
✔️ Custom Reviews
✔️ Video Ads 
✔️ Ad Copy 
✔️ Product Thumbnails 
✔️ Competitor Ad/Store Research 
✔️ Custom Converting Reviews 
✔️ 60+ Niche Interest List ($50 Value)

2020 Facebook Ads Strategy + Step by Step Video $24.99 (Was $169.99):
✔️ How to test new products efficiently 
 ✔️ ​Product Research 
 ✔️ ​My specific & EXACT settings for Facebook ad testing: 
 ✔️ Budgets 
 ✔️ ​Ad Objectives 
 ✔️ ​Ages/Countries to Target 
 ✔️ ​Analyzing CPC, CPM & Relevance score 
 ✔️ ​Profitably horizontal & vertical scaling 
 ✔️ ​Budget optimization for hitting break even points 
 ✔️ ​Detailed interest targeting
✔️ Step by Step Video Guide! 

Instagram Sales Hack (Dropshipping with no Ads) $24.95 (Was $199.99):
How to grow your Instagram Account and Generate sales without any ad spend! Perfect for those who want to save money by testing product straight on their Instagram accounts to see feedback before running ads.

80 USA Dropshipping Suppliers List:
One way that you can differentiate is by using suppliers that are based in the United States 🇺🇸. You don’t even have to be living in the US for this to be a good option. If you have a strong customer base in America, or you’re looking to break into the US market, then using our list of USA drop-ship warehouses makes a lot of sense.

Logo's increase conversion rate. When a customer sees the same logo across social media and your website it also creates trust.

How Our Service Works:

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  • Your savings thousands of $$$ in Testing Products, Creating Ads, and Creating a Store!

  • Built on the Shopify Platform, as Shopify Partners your store is in good hands!

  • Don't know how to run ads? Checkout our Ads Blueprint + Step by Step Course!