Are yoReady to Start your e-Commerce Journey?

What if we could start your online E-commerce Brand within the next 24 hours? At EcommBrands we Provide Everything You Need To Start, Run, And Grow Your Own Online Store with our Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Stores!

Look, are you still struggling to create your store? 

Or are you selling using the old method using a brick a motar retail store and want to expand out of your local marketing into international markets?

What is Dropshipping?

So what is dropshipping exactly and how can you make money from it?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

For Instance in the image, The customer (Jerry) purchases a product from XYZ Store for $100. Once we get the order we fulfill it by purchasing the product from the supplier lets say for $50. This can be done manually or by using an app. Once the supplier send out the product your customer get the tracking number automatically! You profit the Difference! In this case it's $50. Thats it!

Why choose 


We founded EcommBrands to help beginners entering into the e-commerce space! When we started we had no help. Lost thousands upon thousands of $$$ and lots of fails. We're tired of people offing courses for $1,000+. Yes, you can go to YouTube and learn. but thats only going to get you so far. 

Over the years we've offered a variety of services to better help you guys. In 2019 we officially release our PreBuilt Store Service. After lots of customer feedback we've relaunched our PreBuilt Store Service with even More! 

See, most people out there are offering you just a store. But we went a step further by spends thousands on each product & made ads for you. This in turn would get you to start growing your brands faster! 

Our Team with 5 Years and 5000+ E-commerce stores of experience, will hand craft your Shopify Brand for you. We have a dedicated Team of Product researchers constantly adding and searching for the next trending products! 

Ready To Launch Your Own Ecommerce Store?

On average, a fully optimized Branded E-commerce store design project will usually run you $4000 - $5000

With EcommBrands you get a team of veteran dropshippers & eCom experts to build your store for you from scratch while optimizing it for sales, all for only a one time Payment of $50! 

What is included with our Pre-Built Stores?

  • 5-10 Winning Products added to your store ($100 Value)

  • Custom Reviews to increase your conversions ($45 Value)

  • Ad Thumbnails ($250 Value)

  • Video Ads ($500 Value)

  • Ad copies for every product($100 Value)

  • 1-2 Possible Ad Sets for every Product ($200 Value)

  • Premium Theme for your store ($180 Value)

  • We deliver your store within 24Hrs(Priority Plus Delivery)

  • Legal Pages Done-for-You

  • Bulk of the work done so you can launch quicker!(Time Savings)

  • No design or coding skills needed

Take it from our most recent clients & Students

How Our Service Works:

  1. Choose your Niche & Addons -> Place your Order 
  2. Once your store is complete you'll receive 2 emails. One from Shopify to "Create a Staff Account". The other from Us (Ecommbrands).
  3. Create your account and follow instructions in our email 
  4. You should receive full ownership within 24hrs after making a staff account
  5. Select your Plan & your own your store 100%

What should i do once i get my store?

We can only setup so much of your store. Once you order your store you'll automatically receive the following:

  • Getting Started Video Guide & 8 Day Guide PDF

  • Your Store files (Ads, Interests, Etc.) [Download Link is Emailed]

  • Any other PDFs you have ordered

Student Success from Pre-Built Stores 

Examples of pre built stores:

Yes, You're getting a simple design. 

Why? Ever wondered why ClickFunnel Funnels work so well? Because it kept simple and to the point. You don't want your potential customer clicking off of your product or around the store.

We thought making complicated stores would be good for us. After lots of testing, we use the exact theme we build your stores with for our Dropshipping Stores. As you can see most of the stores have the same pattern. 


How long will it take for my store to be delivered?

Prebuilt Stores are delivered within 2 weeks, however, most of the time are delivered way earlier. Our development team does not work on weekends or holidays. So if you order on Friday start at monday. If you select the priority delivery option expect your store to get delivered depending on how many orders we have either in 24 hours or 3-5 days!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model which allows entrepreneurs to run their own online stores without ever managing inventory. When a dropshipper sells a product on their store, they’ll then buy it from their supplier, who will ship it directly to the customer.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping is a simple business model. Once a customer places an order from your store, you’ll simply purchase the product from your supplier, and instruct them to ship the product directly to your customers door. You can run your own dropshipping business from anywhere in the world.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start a Dropshipping Business?

We're going to be honest with this one.One of the best things about starting a dropshipping business with EcommBrands is that it requires minimal initial funding. However, it’s important that you take into consideration all the expenses which you will incur: Your prebuilt store store (Prices Vary), Shopify subscription ($29/mo), Custom Domain ($14/Yr) and your marketing budget for the month ($300). You Marketing Budget will increase when you start scaling you store. You'll be testing one product and getting sales while your spending money & profiting.

It’s important to note that it’s considerably less expensive to start a dropshipping business than it is to start a standard ecommerce store. You won’t need to source products in bulk, or worry about delivery, so it’s still one of the best ways to run your own online store.

What Profit Margins Can I Expect?

The answer to this question highly depends on the types of products which you decide to sell.

If you’re sourcing cheaper products for around $5, you may find success by marking them up 4-5 times, which means that you’d be selling them for $20-$25. However, we don’t recommend this for more expensive products. If, for example, you source a product for $30, we’d suggest that $60 is an appropriate price point. You can also prices products anywhere from 200%-300% of the cost price.

Am I Guaranteed Profits in a Pre-Built Store?

No.But, We guarantee that we will provide a website with the potential to generate an online income however we cannot guarantee that you will be successful. The success of an online business depends on many factors, most of which will be down to you once you receive your website.

Do you have a monthly fee?

No, we do not charge a monthly fees for prebuilt stores. You pay us a one time fee for setting up, designing & giving your winning products.You do pay Shopify their monthly fee to be on their platform ($29/m)

What is the best niche to choose?

They are all great niches! Theres a reason why we're offering them. If they were terrible they wouldn't be there. We recommend selecting a niche that interests you. Yes, some niches are easier to sell in than others.

How do I run good ads?

Can I add my own products?

Yes, You can add additional products either through the included oberlo app 

Should I test other product than yours?


Always test products other then the ones we include

What are you hours?

Our team works 10am-4pm CSTExcluding weekends & holidays. Check us social media for other days we are closed

Do I have to run my own ads?

Yes, you would have to run your own ads. This includes making your own creatives, ad copy, and managing your ads. Our Exclusive Dropshipping stores include Creatives & Ad Copy to reduce your time and get sales right away. Email us for more information on getting an exclusive store.

You don't offer the niche I want

Once we're out of beta testing we will release custom niches.Stay tuned for more information!

* = 24 Hours to get your store made. Excluding getting full ownership of your store. Once you create an account we will initiate the transfer process. May take up an additional 24 HRS.

Our prebuilt store are development stores. We earn a tiny commission from Shopfiy until you close your store. This is at no extra cost to you. This is why we say your Success is our Success. This is how we offer our pre built store and other servicies at super low prices. Our prebuilt stores do not come with free trials.


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