How to Reactivate your disabled Facebook Advertising Account

Shortest horror story, Facebook Ads edition:

“Your Facebook Ad Account has been DISABLED.”

You can kiss the sweet traffic your Facebook Ads are generating goodbye. Farewell, new leads and sales, daily generated by ads you worked on for hours.

Hundreds of Facebook advertisers a day get their Facebook Ad Accounts disabled. Sometimes for no apparent reason.

But even though this sounds like a death penalty brought to you by Facebook (as opposed to merely getting your ads disapproved, which is easily solvable) — don’t say goodbye to your advertising days just yet.

Why do Facebook Ad accounts get disabled?

When your Facebook Ad account gets disabled, it’s typically because one or multiple of your ads violated their advertising policies.

Before you jump in the air screaming “NOT MY ADS!”, keep in mind the following:


Facebook Advertising Policies change all the time. Perhaps you created your ads in good faith, but Facebook added another rule to their policies after that.

First, go through their advertising policies once again, preferably having your ad that’s the cause of this problem opened as well. Read the policies line by line, objectively thinking what policy you might have violated, even if by mistake.

But if you go through every policy on the list and find out your ad is truly clean, then Facebook might have made a mistake.


There’s a chance your Facebook ad didn’t violate any of their policies, but Facebook’s automatic ad approval process flagged you by mistake.

For example, there was candy on your photo, which Facebook mistakenly took for pills/drugs.

You didn’t violate their policy against advertising drugs, it was just a photo of candy, but the ad wasn’t reviewed by an actual person, it got flagged and ad account banned.

Even if that happened, there still was a policy your ad went against in theory. Find out which one it was.

Some we recently implement to our business account & stores:

  • A physical address (Not a home address)
  • A contact phone number
  • Added our privacy policy link to Facebook
  • Verified business
  • Added domain
  • Added our Tax Info (Such as an EIN number)
  • Showed our Business is registered with an Entity (P.S. You can get an LLC for $0 by using our link for IncFile)

Step-by-step process on how to fight the ban

Your fault or not, if you want to get access to your advertising account back, you’ll have to go through an appeals process.

You can appeal their decision directly from the notification you received from them, or by submitting this form.

However, getting your access back isn’t as easy as telling Facebook: “I did nothing wrong, give me back my access.”

Instead, here’s what you should do:

  1. Thank them — Thank them for taking the time to review this for you.
  2. Summary — Write a quick summary of what happened.
  3. Be firm — Politely inform them how important it is for you to get your account reactivated. Tell them your business relies on Facebook Ads, make them feel important.
  4. Be specific — Communicate what you’ve found out through your research. Let them know which policy specifically was violated, even if Facebook simply interpreted your ad in the wrong way.
  5. Apologize — Let them know you’re sorry for violating their policies, even if you haven’t done that directly.
  6. Solution — Tell them how you intend to fix this, and/or ask them what you would need to do to get your ad account reactivated.

Here’s an email I’d send in this situation (feel free to snag this template):

Hi Facebook!

Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal.

On [insert date] my Facebook Ad Account got disabled due to “[copy-paste the reason they sent]”.

Facebook Ads are at the very core of my business growth. I spend around [insert monthly amount] per month for Facebook Ads, and I was hoping to increase that in the upcoming months.

When I was researching how my Ad Account got disabled, I found out the ad number [insert Ad ID] mistakenly violated the following policy: “[copy-paste the policy violated.]”

I apologize for going against your policies. It was a mistake. Moving forward, I’ll delete the ad and be more careful that this doesn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, could you please help me and let me know what else I can do to get my account reactivated? Thank you!

If you don’t hear back from Facebook within 3 days, contact them again. Don’t give up too soon, especially if you haven’t done this on purpose.

Getting your Ad Account disabled isn’t the end of the world. Just dust off, fix your mistake, and continue creating great ads.

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