April 30, 2020

We receive questions about taxes, business registration & bookkeeping every day. Now, this is something we're planning on going more in-depth within our upcoming course. 

Now to keep it simple, we'll just be going over keeping your books organized today. 

Now I used to keep track of books using a spreadsheet. I'd track all the money coming in & out. You can do this as well. The problem is once you start having lots of transactions, it can become very time-consuming. You may also miss a bunch of stuff since its not what we do. You'll start spending more time on making sure your keeping track of money going in & out than on the business itself. 

 What if it could all be more automated? You just need to connect to account up and spend maybe 30-40 minutes per month on it. Would you do it?

If you answered YES like I did. This is where Bench comes in. With super affordable pricing, easy to use the platform, real humans that you can call up or message any time, and Crystal clear financial statements and reports it definitely worth the cost. 

 It may cost more than doing it yourself. But the time you get back every month will most likely let you make more than what it costs. 

If you use our referral link you get 2 free months of expert bookkeeping. That's over $400 in savings!

Now, this is a sale during the COVID-19 so it may change over time. If it does and your reading this please let us know so we can update this post. 

The setup process is super easy. You go on a phone call with them and they walk you through everything and answer every question you have about Bench and what you should/should not be doing. 

They also have other services such as BenchTax which will do your business & personal taxes. It's basically a one-stop service which is something I love! It makes it super easy for us to do anything bookkeeping & tax-related. Now if you don't want to do taxes through Bench Bookkeeping that's fine as well. You can download the end of year documents and give it right to your CPA. 

Now the great thing is if your interested in getting started with Bench & learning more it costs nothing to start!